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C'est pas là, c'est par là (creation 2018)

It's not here, it's over here

How does the crowd move? When you are alone, do you move differently than when you are together? At the starting point, there is a stone. With the stone there is a string. It rolls up, gets tangled and we untangle it. We move around, we avoid each other, we negotiate and we find our place. There is something that exceeds the sum of individuals. Inspired by his own sensations during a demonstration in Seoul in 2015, Galmae offers a sensitive experience of the collective.


Participatory Performance with string installation

Duration 45min

All audience


Concept and Direction Juhyung Lee Light Olivier Brun Music Charles Henri Despeignes  Sound Martin Birchler Installation and performance Juhyung Lee, Olivier Brun, Charles-Henri Despeignes, Pauline Lavergne, Martin Birchler  Management Margaux Lestavel Production  Générik Vapeur

Co production Le Citron Jaune, L’abattoir Avec le soutien de la SACD - Auteurs d’espaces Accueil en résidence Théâtre La Passerelle scène nationale des Alpes du Sud – Gap

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